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Musical, stand-up, skit, and sketch comedy with your host, The Nut Behind the Wheel...New Show 11.14.15!

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I am the Nut Behind the Wheel. My father wanted Stephen, my mother opted for Michael, they settled on that...go figure. I wanted to be an astronaut but couldn't pass the stringent physical, so I became a disc jockey. No big deal, I prefer the low pay, constant stress and the trailer park groupies over a life of wealth, fame and happiness. Did I mention that I'm a bit slow? I have a rather sizable comedy collection and figured that I could sneak into your homes drink your beer, use your jacuzzi and pet your dog while you were all laughing hysterically on the carpet when listening to my show. I neglected to remember that if I was IN the studio PLAYING this stuff I couldn't possibly be in a position to raid your homes. I'm working on that. In the meantime listen to some of this material. Then send me stuff. This could really work.

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I try to play the best of what's out there in the way of sketch, stand-up and musical comedy. This show is broadcast live and is the only radio comedy program in New Hampshire, which is kind of like saying "the only fat cheerleader on the squad"...This is Clear Channel country, I am NOT appreciated around here. If listening to this show prevents you from grabbing a rifle and looking for a tall tower then my job here is done...enjoy!