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An eclectic mix of pop and rock from the 70s and 80s! - Many songs ripped from vinyl records! - Your favorite songs, singers and bands are here - plus many rare and obscure radio station promo 45s, album tracks and much more!

About Chris Allen

Hi!   I'm a former jock from Benton Harbor, MI (WHFB-FM) and Chicago/Joliet, IL (WJTW-FM).    I'm a former mobile-DJ, with over 1200 gigs to my credit.

Most of all, I'm a vinyl-record enthusiast, having owned over 200,000 singles, thousands of albums, CD's and mini-discs over my lifetime.    I may also have a library of close to 400,000 .mp3's, mostly from my vinyl collection.

After "retiring" as a mobile DJ, I began this station.   Using my vinyl collection and chart knowledge, I opened this music vinyl-based format.   Since it's music you normally don't hear on radio stations, it is appropriately called "OffTheCharts!"

Currently, I live near Columbus, OH with a wife, daughter, dog, cat, etc.    I'm a financial/investment professional by day and vinyl music-infatuated zombie at night.

Thanks for stopping to read and/or to listen to the best music and media format that lives here!

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Listen to all kinds of POP AND ROCK from the 70's and 80's, 24/7, with an occasional disco, R&B or soul record.    The playlist consists of songs that are SINGLE 45's from the "Hot100" charts, "Bubbling Under" charts and lower "Top 40" from 1970 to 1989,  plus many uncharted singles too.    I also occasionally slip one or two in from the 60's!

MOST songs are ripped from VINYL RECORDS!     From songs you remember
that are hardly played, to songs that aren't played anymore.   Plus, Radio Station Promo 45's!    B-Sides from 45's sometimes not found on albums!    A few Vinyl album tracks including songs from bands and singers that never released a single!   And finally, album versions of single 45's.    If it was on vinyl in the 70's and 80's, OffTheCharts!  is the place to hear the obscurity!

While you're here, vote for the songs that are currently playing in the album artwork on the left side of this page!   "Like" us on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter by clicking the icons above!   Send me a "Shout Out" and let me know what you'd like to hear more of, or what you think of the station.    Come back to listen often to hear more from the vinyl era!

Thanks for visiting or listening!
  Enjoy the music from the best format made for music - VINYL RECORDS!

--- Cheers!   - Chris

Because of their obscurity, album artwork may not match the song that the album or artist is from.
Abbreviations in track listings - Legend: [AT] Album Track, [PROMO] Radio Station Promo 45, [B-Side] 45 RPM B-Side.