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Hello, my name is Warren and let me tell you a little bit about Hot Gold 94. First, Hot Gold 94 will be playing songs that I grew up hearing. I grew up in Boston and you will hear some songs that were only played a week or were played for a long time, back in the days when DJ's would take a chance and play a song. The core music of Hot Gold 94 will be from 1955 to 1970, the years I grew up in Boston. I hope you enjoy Hot Gold 94 and that you will tell a friend the same. If you would like to make a request, just send it on the (shout) message on the home page. Thanks again and enjoy the greatest hits ever recorded on your new radio station for oldies Hot Gold 94 on live

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4/10/2013 Hot Gold 94 is new and will be playing the greatest of the greats from 1955 to 1970. It is a station built from my years living in Boston. Listening to such great radio stations as WMEX the big 1510 and can never forget the Now Radio 68 WRKO.Hope you like it we will have jingles twin spins or as they were called back then a double plays. Give us a try and if there is a song you would like for us to play for you just go to the Shout section on the home page and send it off to us and you can bet we will find it and play it for you. Oh that is something else Hot Gold 94 has a music library of over 15000 songs so I can bet if you request it we will have it. Give us a try and if you like us tell a friend so they can tell a friend and just keep it going. Thanks for giving us a listen from us all at Hot Gold 94.