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Richard Levy, Unity minister & Trainer shares the ride in Oneness

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Patricia Keel here - mother, partner, Unity minister, Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) giver and trainer and recently Oneness Meditator. The Dr. is my badge for getting my Doctorate in Ministry with Matthew Fox. Years of study and I did it!. I am a lover of life, ready for new adventures. The Oneness Movement has really changed how I live daily. I feel a freedom, no judgment of myself or others, living in the present moment, trusting the Divine will offer me guidance and direction on a moment to moment basis. It is very very good! After pioneering (starting from scratch with the wagons circling) a Unity church in Berkeley, California in 2000, I realized this winter that my journey at Unity of Berkeley was complete and it was time for me to move on. I went to India (my 4th visit in five years) to a 28 Deepening Process at Oneness University.( While I was in the process I once again got guidance that I was to start a Oneness Internet radio network. I had that same message in January last year, but this time I really listened and am putting together this station. My vision is to have Oneness Trainers from all over the GLOBE host their own Oneness Shows, in their native language. We will give the Oneness Blessings, share stories of life changing miracles, healings in relationships, healings in the body, letting go of resistance and the energy that comes with this new freedom and creativity. I am excited. I love getting up in the morning to see what is unfolding in this beautiful field of Grace and Love. I am actively looking for people to interview on my first show, The Oneness Program, and more actively looking for Oneness Trainers who want to invest this their own shows. We will be a presence for Oneness and for the Divine, on the internet, on Iphones, Ipods, Ipads, Ieverythings. We will be the change we wish as we show up and people feel the transformation happening. To send me an email go to I look forward to sharing my shows with all of you, worldwide. In grace and gratitude for Sri AmmaBhagavan, beloved Jesus, Buddha, Yogananda, Hildegarde and the saints and sages of the ages who support this vision of love and peace for our planet. Blessings abound, Patricia