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In 1968, Bill went to work for KRLD-AM-FM-TV; one of the top CBS Television affiliates in the nation. They had the first color television mobile broadcast bus is the southwest, and Bill was on board when they were hired by CBS to provide worldwide coverage of The Funeral Of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Over the next 27 years, he was involved in The Dedication of The LBJ Presidental Library, along with network coverage of NFL Football, The Apollo 8 Lunar Orbit Mission and the visit of Her Majesty The Queen Of England & the visit of the Holy Father Pope John Paul II. Bragg was also involved in the coverage of 5 US Presidents many network television shows including Sixty Minutes.

In 1979, Bill founded The National Museum Of Communications, Inc., which became the world's largest broadcast and communications Museum. He personally designed the building and exhibits, secured 21 moving vans of artifacts; which included the television camera that broadcast-ed the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald, Thomas Edison's microscope, the master control console from the Voice Of America Studios in Washington, DC, Charlie Chaplain's movie camera, Walter Cronkite's microphone from his last CBS Evening News Broadcast, the Gold Record for "Rock Around The Clock" and the guitar that Bill Haley used when he recorded the song, Elvis Presley's silver clad belt and gold plated sunglasses and Buddy Holly's improvising guitar. The first printed copies of The King James Bible and Webster's Dictionary rounded out the collection; along with an actual leaf from a rare Gutenberg Bible. Bragg went on to established a Board of Trustees that included actor Donald O'Connor, actress Patty Duke, Jack Valenti (Special Assistant to President Lyndon Johnson and President of The Motion Picture Association of America), Edward O. Fritts (President & CEO National Association of Broadcasters) and Trammell S. Crow (Dallas, TX. civic leader and the world's largest family owned real estate developer). This group raised over 12 million dollars in funding for the 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt / non-profit Museum.

Bill founded The Yesterday USA Radio Networks in 1979, which has been broadcasting public domain Old Time Radio Shows across the nation and around the world for the almost a quarter of a century! The Network is on the air 24 hours a day and can be heard on two powerful KU Band Satellites, many Cable Television Outlets, in 2,000 Hospitals & Nursing Homes and on many on Low-Power AM/FM Radio Stations. Bragg was the first to introduce Internet Listeners to Old Time Radio and the service is even available via Cell Telephones in certain locations in North America. The Network has Studios located in Richardson, TX., Ft.Worth, TX., Costa Mesa, CA. and in Hollywood, CA. Live interactive broadcasts are presented seven nights a week at 10:30 PM Eastern time; featuring celebrity interviews, live call-ins from listeners around the world and an Internet based Chat Room with live color TV cameras! And speaking of celebrities, Bragg has assembled a staff of over 50 on-air professionals that include the likes of: Frank Bresee (the voice of "Little Beaver" on old time radio's Red Ryder program), 2 time Oscar winning song writer Richard Sherman, Milt Larsen (Founder of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.) and country music super star Ronnie Milsap. You don't have to be famous to be a YUSA on-air Host, but everyone donates their time and talents; and a medical doctor, an attorney, a college professor, an airplane pilot, a truck driver and a motor oil salesman round out the staff. Bill Bragg holds the world's record for the most number of hours of Satellite Broadcast Time and he receives daily backup support from many broadcast professionals, electronic engineers, computer technicians and software designers world wide.