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Diverse Celtic and Celtic-inspired music, with a fairly heavy leaning towards traditional and instrumental music.

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We are a married couple in our 40's whose passions include celtic music, travel and the outdoors. We live in the 'burbs of Baltimore, Maryland with our three cats, Clootie, Treacle and Crumpet (yep, odd names... you'll probably have to Google for the meanings!) We like to mix music with travel when we can, and usually travel out of state for at least one celtic music festival each year. Some of our favorite travel destinations include Scotland, Nova Scotia, the national parks of the western USA, England, Las Vegas, and Saint John, US Virgin Islands.

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Winter looks to finally be giving up here in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA. Let's celebrate with some new music! A slew of new music from albums never before on McMusic has arrived. Look/listen for the following new albums:
Altan's "Horse With a Heart"
Altan's "The Red Crow"
Teada's "In Spite of the Storm"
Lau's "Race the Loser"
Dougie MacLean's "Tribute"
Alastair Fraser, Muriel Johnstone, and Natalie Haas' "Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle Volume 2: Tunes from the Life & Land of Robbie Burns"
Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas' "In the Moment"
Solas' "Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers"
Much Pryderi's "Moch IV"
Dervish's "Harmony Hill"
"Gaelic Scotland Vol. 2" featuring Donnie Murdo MacLeod, Cliar, Iaia MacKay, MacKenzie, Dochas, and Blair Douglas

Did you know that you can let me know what tracks you dig and don't like so much by clicking on the thumbs up or thumbs down icons on the player window? Doing so will help me to know my listeners' preferences. If I get a lot of thumbs downs for a particular track or artist, I may swap out the track and/or include less tracks from that particular artist. If I get lots of thumbs ups, I may do the reverse, and include more tracks from the artist, or add similar tracks to the station. Your input, as always, is appreciated!

On the morning of April 6th, 2013, half of McMusic - its heart and soul - passed from this world. Stacey L. McDougall, aged 43, died after a month-long struggle with a terrible, unexpected brain ailment that left her with severe, unrecoverable brain damage. Stacey passed two months prior to her 15th wedding anniversary with me, her husband Pat, and we had dated for eight years prior to our marriage. As I try to press on in life without Stacey at my side, I will do my best to try to keep McMusic playing on as our own way of supporting the music we both loved so much, and which was an important art of our lives. Her wake, on April 21, 2013 at Liam Flynn's Pub in Baltimore (Maryland), was a wonderful celebration of her life, and made all the more special by the support of many exceptionally talented and kind local Irish musicians. Please listen on in her memory, and I encourage each of you to show someone you love, whether spouse, relative or dear friend, that you love and appreciate them. Life is precious and easily taken for granted, as I've so painfully learned.

Yes indeedy, we've (somewhat) caught up with the times! Come and check out our Facebook page at and "like" us and say how-do! Hope to see you there!!!