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Hi, I'm Pomper! I started getting into internet radio around 2009-2010 when a couple friends and I decided to start our own station. Operating as StreamSomeChaos (aka Chaos Radio), we started networking a lot and eventually bands were getting in touch with us to see if we could help them out with getting a show in our area. It hadn't been something we had really considered at this point (or at least I hadn't considered it, anyway) so we figured we'd give it a shot. So, we went ahead and rented a firehall, got some local bands who were interested in playing and we had an awesome show with a pretty sweet touring band. We started getting more and more requests and track submissions for the radio station. Some of them were even from bands that are getting kind of big now, so it's pretty neat to see their progress from the start. Eventually, word got out that we were able to hook touring bands up with shows in our area, so we rolled with it and kept booking shows. The radio station did pretty well for a while and we met up religiously to record our shows once a week, every week for quite some time. After a while though, due to some personal issues, we were unable to get together to record new content and eventually we just decided to call it quits on the radio stuff for now. After a while of continuing to book shows, we decided a name change was in order. Thus, Good Rat Promotion was born. We've never stopped booking shows and now that my personal situation is a little more stable, I've decided that I really miss this. Plus, radio and booking shows is such a fun combination, don't you think?? I love discovering new music, meeting new people and not only introducing myself to something new, but hopefully introducing others to something new as well; Something they may have never otherwise known about. This station is run solely by me. I do the schedule, playlists, emails, everything. So, if at times it takes me a bit to reply, please be patient and bear with me. I don't always reply to everything, but I assure you, I do eventually read it all. Welcome to my playlist! Welcome to Good Rat Radio! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy getting everything together! Thanks for stopping by to check me out! -Pomper

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