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About Charles DJ Chaz Richardson

Power 1 Radio is a internet radio/entertainment site created back in October 2006 by ME....Charles Richardson (aka. DJ Chaz). Since the concept and website were built, Power 1 has gone through growing pains on and off. Since the DJ's that provide the talent and shows on the station were voluntary, there was no commitment other than being a part of a team and doing a show for the passion of the art.

However, during the peak point of Power 1 Radio, DJ's popped up all over the country from NY, Florida, Ohio, Texas, ect. At one point there were shows that covered all of the time slots from 12pm-3am EST with replays of some of those shows to fill the gap during the overnight hours. However, as brilliant and awesome as Charles was (ya right), the station never took off with listeners like he had hoped. And up until the station went off the air in May 2009, he was looking for a few paid promoters to up the listening audience...however, that never happened.

After a 2 month silence, Power 1 Radio came back on the air for another go. This time we went with a new direction. P1R is now through Live365 to take care of audio streaming and royalties. We are now heard all over the world.

Hope you enjoy Power 1 Radio.....The World Wide Dance Party

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