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Miracle,Prophetic 24 hours 347 202 8105;347 882 5378Liveprayer,prayerhotline,Tbn,PrayerLine and Contemporary Radio,Live miracleprayerline call us for your urgent prayer needs,.God is moving Mightily and touching lives worldwide.hear Gods Prophetic Word.


World Prayer Helpline; Please call the Miracle PrayerLine at 347-202-8105;347-882-5378;646-644-3479.Keep calling When the PrayerHotline is busy and you will be through with a live prayer. World Prayer Helpline can be heard 24 hours on 1. and 3. 4. To advertise or preach on those radio channels, please call us or email us at; Our Prayer Lines are open please call us now and listen to Worship Music 24 Hours. We take you closer to heaven.Listen to Gods Prophetic Word and Miraculous testimonies daily. Prayer channels; Advertise on PastorsnetTv Prayer Hotline liste;

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Please call the Miracle and Prophetic prayer Hotline Now at 347-882-5378;347-882-5378;646-644-3479. Keep calling as the Prayerhotlines becomes busy at times.God is saving, healing and touching lives daily.Please listen to 24 hours Intercessory radio, Miracles are taking place daily with God Power and anointing. You can listen to full broadcasting of WorldPrayerhelpline on. .A Contemporary Christian Worship radio. Please contact us at ;( for your advertising needs today. WorldPrayerHelpline Radio, we take you closer to Heaven. Visit Africa; Advertise on PastorsNettv at Listen to Prophetic Prayer Hotline;