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Sermons and Teachings brought by Prophetess Desiree Swint and musical artist like John Tillery, Vicki Yohe, Azusa, and more.

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I am Prophetess Desiree an ordained visionary, leader, and teacher. My mission is to teach anyone who chooses to become a believer in the Gospel according to Jesus Christ the deeper spiritual meaning of Gods' purpose and will for life in this realm.

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Welcome to A Believers First Step which is the primary function and prophetic ministry of Desiree Swint Ministries. A Believers First Step was birthed in 2011 by Prophetess Desiree who is a true visionary, leader and teacher of the Word of God. Through Prophetess Desiree, you will learn the deeper spiritual meaning of Gods' true Gospel according to Jesus Christ and His purpose for sacrificing "His only begotten Son" that we may live. This is not just another talk show, this is Gods' ministry for anyone who chooses to become a believer. New Testament scripture says, "And because of His words many more became believers." John 4:41 Are you of the many who believe? Do you believe that you have a purpose in this life? Remember, "You become what you love" and "if you love Jesus Christ, you will become just like Him." (Prophetess Desiree)