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The 20th Century Alternative. Playing the tastiest, album-oriented rock, power-pop, new-wave, jazz, jazz-rock, goth, prog, punk, post-punk, folk, glam, and psychedelic. Great tunes in sharp 128kbps audio. Send requests and comments to Peace!

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In 1977, I bought my first album. I paid two dollars to a kid across the aisle from me in 10th grade English class, for a barely used copy of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid". I've been obsessively buying and listening to music from that day.

All the music played on Radio Alt.20 is ripped from CDs in my personal collection. I use cdparanoia, lame, sox, mp3gain, and other open source tools to produce the best quality MP3 audio file possible. Listen closely to the sound quality of my broadcast, I think you'll hear the difference.

If you love the music of the 20th Century, like I do, then this is a good place for you to be. Give it a go!

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Streaking through high-grade 20th Century album tracks, without rhyme or reason, at a breakneck pace... Not the same old College Radio/Classic Rock/Modern Rock standards you've heard a thousand times already--just a hint of that, then a deeper exploration of the great albums from the last century... Terrific tunes, streaming in clear 128k audio, free of commercials... What more could you possibly hope for? Hop on, and hang tight!

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