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Hey there - I'm Schmitty - 24/7 Live streaming a super-proprietary "Schmitty Don't Care" Best Mix Of ... Whatever. Right now "Whatever" = current Top 40, Classic Top 40, Current & Classic Alternative, random goof-ball oddities and station IDs from yours truly. I have a very sexy voice. So I'm told by the cleaning staff. This entire Schmitty Don't Care operation occupies approximately 1sq ft of space on the floor of a spare bedroom. The Mac Mini streaming all this musical goodness is often knocked offline when I indiscriminately toss my sneakers in the room, exhausted after a run. I apologize in advance. Oh yeah - one more thing: With Radio Schmitty - Don't expect to not expect the unexpected, except where excepted. Feel free to email me your interpretation of what that means. In the meantime - kick back - and Don't Care! Yours Truly In "Schmitty Don't Care" --schmitty

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24/7 Live Stream of Top 40 & Alternative Hits from the 80s thru today mixed with the “whatever” attitude of Schmity = The Best Mix of Whatever, Schmity Don't Care. Featuring: 6 Hits at Six! Weekdays at, uhh 6pm pacfic! 8, 80's tracks at 8pm pacific. 9, 90's tracks a 9pm pacific "Whatever" tracks weekdays at midnight pacific!