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About the Station

The Radio Station for Cult Filmmaker David DeCoteau's RapidHeart.TV

About Dave DeCoteau

Rapid Heart Pictures LLc is the boutique motion picture production and VOD/DVD distribution company of Cult Filmmaker David DeCoteau who has produced and directed more than 100 feature films over the past 30 years. His movies have been distributed through Fox, Paramount, Image, eOne, Echo Bridge, Lions Gate, First Look, Full Moon and many others. David DeCoteau prides himself on his tireless grass roots promotional efforts to make his films a success for distributors, retailers and broadcasters who support him. Over the years he has created massive consumer awareness for his films through press coverage on hundreds of web sites and in traditional print publications world wide. When David DeCoteau delivers a movie to his licensors he feels his work has just begun. He helps make his films an international success by focusing on end-user awareness which in turn creates store traffic and broadcaster ratings. This commitment to supporting the licensors sets the Rapid Heart Pictures brand above the majority of independent production companies. David DeCoteau has worked professionally in the movie business since he was 18 years old. He got his start through a generous offer from movie legend Roger Corman, who hired him in 1980 as a production assistant at New World Pictures. In 1986, DeCoteau directed and produced his first feature film for another generous film legend, Charles Band. DeCoteau’s passion lies in the creation of popular genre programming made for world consumption.