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BEAUTIFUL MUSIC AND WORDS OF HOPE - Experience God Through Scriptures and Music - You will hear Luke, John and the rest of the NewTestament and 2 Chronicles from the Old Testament and music! Program changes weekly with new Old Testament reading.

About dave lund

My name is Dave and I hope you enjoy the scripture reading and music. I created this station to share the Bible and beautiful music of all kinds, with all of you. I hope this can be inspirational, educational, and comforting. This site is dedicated to my Mom and Dad. My Dad played beautiful Christian music to sooth my mother while she was sick. Hopefully this will put you in a "heavenly" state of mind. You can put this station on and let it help you through the day. Also, the Bible reading is provided by And, please rate the tracks as you listen to them, so we can constantly improve the programming.. Thanks! Dave ( and