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TheGirl, Sher Lindsay, delivers Smooth Jazz, Contemporary Christian, R&B, Funk & Chill. W*E*L*C*O*M*E to STUDIO R*E*D in beautiful SUN*KISSED Florida! We stream in HD Digital Stereo, bringing you the best Independent & Major Label Artists on the planet!

About sher lindsay ♥thegirl♥

A TASTE OF R*E*D...Florida based radio personality, producer, singer, songwriter, composer, voice over talent and production engineer, Sher Lindsay, continues to broaden her base of appreciative and passionate fans and clients all over the world.

Sher Lindsay is the CEO/Owner of SLProductions, LLC. It's there she has expanded her passion for music into the recording studio. Her studio world is one of percussion grooves and keyboard sounds that brings new, custom creativity to a variety of jazz sounds. Sher's creative thumbprint on smooth jazz, chill, lounge, and R & B, is unique and unmistakable. Most importantly, Sher has added her expertise in the area of digital mixing and mastering. Those who utilize SLProductions, LLC for their projects can opt to utilize the sensuous sounds of Sher Lindsay's sexy alto voice, use Sher's worldwide promotion connections, and benefit from her unmatched talent in the mixing and mastering process.

Using the best recording software and equipment on the market, Sher Lindsay spends hours listening to combinations of reverb, delay, EQ, and stereo imaging to create that perfect yet unique pearl of sound for the voice, the melody, the lyric and the rhythm. Never satisfied with the sound of just one set of studio speakers, she will listen to take after take in a variety of headsets, rooms, and even be found racing down a Sunshine State freeway with speakers blaring in her trademark BMW, just to ensure that the sound, the energy and the passion is just right.

Sher believes that music is a feeling, and that great music involves a great deal of emotion. The production of music is no different. "If the music doesn't move you," she says, "it's just words, notes and chords. It's all for nothing."

That level of emotion carries into the production studio, where she challenges the artist to make her laugh, cry, shout for joy or fall into despair. She coaches those who enter her realm to push their talents, their gifts, and their passion to the limit. A session with Sher will leave you jazzed, yet exhausted.

Last year Sher produced "The Cheyenne Loca Project," a video of the Italian model, Cheyenne Loca's, portfolio, with all original music produced in three suites. She manages and produces several projects for large corporations and radio stations, as well as individual musicians and high profile clients. In 2011, Sher became "TheGirl," as CEO/Founder/Owner/Executive Producer/Host of her own internet radio station. From her ocean side studio in beautiful SUN*KISSED Florida, to the rest of the world, Sher declared, "THIS IS REDSTILETTOJAZZ PLANET RADIO! Ladies, grab your stilettos and gentlemen, bring the roses! We're movin' the tables! Pop the cork and let the music play you!" RedStilettoJazz features the best Independent and Label Artists from around the world, and you can listen to "TheGirl's" stream 24/7/365.

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Sher Lindsay, "THEGIRL," W*E*L*C*O*M*E*S YOU! From her ocean side studio in beautiful S*U*N*K*I*S*S*E*D Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, to the rest of the world, THIS IS REDSTILETTOJAZZ PLANET RADIO, JAZZ IN PARADISE, WRSJ-db! Pop the cork and let the music play you! We stream 24/7/365 in HD Digital Stereo, bringing you some of the best Independent and Major Label Artists on the planet! Join me, I Dare You!
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★ SHER LINDSAY, CEO/Founder/Owner/Executive Producer/Radio Personality
★ SHANE DAWSON, Program Director
★ JEFFREY K. LEE, Legal Services
★ GENEVIEVE BAINE, Director of Artist Services + Marketing Consultant
★ CARLY SIMPSON, Radio Public Relations + Promotions
★ LOGAN BENTON, Content Contributor + Social Networking

LIVE from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
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