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Welcome to Golden Hits Radio. I'm, Ron Lisk, your DJ. My interest in radio started when I was in High School. Hard to believe those were the days when tube radios were the norm, and AM radio was "The IN" thing. Kept the DJ passion "in the closet for years; although I picked up some great experience with my own very little radio station, and then doing work for my college radio stations in Scranton, PA and Detroit MI.It was those closed circuit stations that went into the dorms that let me explore my creativity and talent; and the Rockin Ron Golden Oldies Show was born!! The word really got out, and in both venues - the show gained some popularity with the students. I even had one college professor suggest that I go into radio. Love the music of the 50s & 60s; and I remembered the folks gave me great compliments over the years about how I do what I do. Just for fun, and OK a wee bit of curiousity, I pursued a radio broadcasting diploma with the Columbia School of Broadcasting. Such great great reviews by various active broadcasters in the industry only reaffirmed what was already told to me so many times before. OK, its time to share my passion and my talent - so Golden Hits Radio is born. What started with a simple hand made 100mw radio station; now is going around the world. Who would have ever figured. Well, folks, enjoy the music. I'll be doing it like I always have done it --Hand picking and continually updating the playlist. OUR PLAYLISTS ARE DRIVEN BY LISTENER INPUT. SO LET US KNOW WHAT MUSICAL YEARS ARE YOUR FAVORITES. YOU CAN DO THIS BY VISITING US AT WWW.WGHR-DB.COM and click on the MUSIC SURVEY tab. All week long you will hear music from the 50's & 60s. We change the emphasis throughout the day In the morning and early afternoon, we hang out in the 50s and early 60s (I call this the 60s Hangout) ; at 4pm we start a mix of mid sixties (we call this Beatles and Beyond), On the weekend I let it all hang out with a total mix of the 1960s So give a listen; and I'm sure you'll add WGHR-DB, Golden Hits Radio to your PRESET LIST