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STARTING MONDAY APRIL 5th 8:00 P.M. INTERNET RADIO STATION FROM SOMEWHERE IN THE POCONOS….!!!! We are starting an Internet Radio Station that will be broadcasting shows All during the week….. Here are a couple we plan to air …… THE FOLLOWING SHOWS AIR AT 8:00 p.m. EASTERN STANDARD TIME…. CHECK LISTINGS FOR OTHER SHOWS AND TIMES……. Monday Nights…. “SOUND ADVICE” an award winning show originally from Las Vegas For 4 1/2 Years with lots of awards under it’s belt…. Everything from music to tech stuff From music gear, Music Guests and everything in between……. Tuesday Nights….. “ALL THINGS SIX STRING” A show dedicated to the Guitar… The show will also have Guests as in your favorite Guitar hero!!!! Yes, everyone from Eddie to Ted will be here…. Guitar Tips, Riff of the week, To any questions answered about Guitar gear and alot of upclose interveiws with Guitar Makers and Amp Makers Who ever makes gear for the Guitar Player…… Wednesday Nights…… “LIVE FROM ROCKnROLL RANCH” This is the show of all shows….. Comedy, Talk, Music, You name it …. it will be on this show… The Talk Show of All Talk Shows… It’s gonna be great……!!!!!!!! Tune in to find out for yourself…….. Thursday Nights……. "CONCERT SERIES" Everything from Woodstock to Neil Young to the Who we cover and tell you everything there is to know about the band in 60 mins. plus play some of there Music... It's a KILLER SHOW..!! There is also a segment on the show called “Pocono Night Life” that keeps you informed on all the entertainment coming into the poconos to perform for that weekend... We will also have guests Time to time from the fine places around here and interview them about what’s going on at their place and hear what they have to offer……… such as food etc. a segment called P.U.R.R. "Pocono Ultimate Restaurant Review" For more info or to book your restaurant call 570-595-0622….. Thanks for your support... Pieter Holland and Mustang Sally...!!!