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The best in Hard Rock And Metal from the 1960's to the present.

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I started collecting music 35 years ago, and after obtaining a large amount of material, I decided to try internet broadcasting. While I considered myself fortunate to have grown up in an area that at one time had 5 or 6 great rock stations, I was frustrated that many of the artists that I listened to and thought were putting out great material were never played on the air. One day, I was looking through the Help Wanted section of the newspaper and saw an ad for "D.J.s wanted, no experience necessary." I applied for this position and began working at Cyberstation U.S.A.(also here on Live 365) and aired my first show on 7/20/96. I called the show "Rock Requiem" and it aired on Cyberstation U.S.A. until I moved to Philadelphia, PA in Sept., 2007. I began to miss broadcasting my weekly show, so I looked into starting my own station. After deciding it was feasible, I began Vinyl Dynasty in July 2008. I experienced some initial frustration trying to get things started. I had trouble with my webcam broadcasting my conversation while music was playing. I had to record my show on my home stereo system with a mixing board and microphone. I would record the show to a mini-disc (anyone remember those?)and then load it to my computer through my digital video editor. I would then have to take that file and transcode it to an MP3 format using a free transcoding program I located online. This process took me anywhere from 8 to 10 hours to produce a 2 hour weekly show! Why did I do it this way? Well, the vast majority of my music is actually still on Vinyl(Hence, the station name)! I have since upgraded my computer, purchased a DAK system to convert the vinyl, and continually increase my music collection in order to give our listeners the most enjoyable listening experience possible. I am currently trying to build a website for this station and hope to have it up and running by the end of this year...but that depends upon how quickly I am able to figure it all out. I have no experience at all doing this, and while a friend was kind enough to donate a couple of books to me on building a website, I am by no means confident in my ability to create one. I hope you enjoy listening to this station as much as I enjoy creating it for you. If you have anything to say (questions, comments, crticisims, requests, music submissions, etc.), email us at I appreciate any feedback you have. Thanks for listening and Keep Rockin'! Phil