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Variations des groupes musicales d'Haiti - We're the Caribbean all times hits Compas music from Haiti. ( Tout Moun Jwen! )

About roro

My name is Robert Alphonse, aka Roro. I choose to promote "Le Compas or Kompa" because is one of the best musical rhythm in the world. It's so great, I do not want it to listening just by a few people in Caribbean or Haitian but by the whole wide world. That raison I come with METRO-COMPAS iRadio to bring you the best of Haitian Music. Most of my music are recorded live from Night Clubs in Boston, New York, Miami, Montreal, Ottawa, Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haitien, Gonaives, Paris and some other French, English and Creole places worlwide. Get ready, I'll pumping up Compas for you!

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By listening to R&B, Reggae, Zouk, Soca, African and South American music I found out that Le Compas couldn't stay behind. Yes, I compared it with all of the grooves and I found out it's one of the best rhythm musical in the world mixing in a high level style of African, Spanish and European base. Finally, I decided to bring up Metro-Compas iRadio just to bring you a variety of music which included: Haitian jazz bands, Haitian Orchestres, Racine Bands (Root), Haitian Gospel Bands, Zouk, French Songs, Haitian Rap & Regga. Broadcast live and our playlist is update very often. But primarily, this station will be pumping up Le Compas/KOMPA. Seat back and enjoy " Metro-Compas, iRadio" !!! Roro Alphonse DJ/Operator