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CD12 Gospel Radio provides motivational music to competitive athletes and other physically active people. Train like a champion! Perform like a champion! Love like a champion! Develop the ultimate mind, body, and spirit.

About Coach Desmond

Reaching, then teaching where there is a lack of knowledge, because according to Hosea 4:6, God's people are destroyed for a lack of it.

I love music! I often dreamt of producing in the studio, but my greater gifts include teaching and an affinity for health. Therefore, my service to God requires me to focus my attention on having more personal interactions with others. So, in my obedience, I am a Sports Performance Coach, with a desire to help athletes reach their full potential in sports, health, and life.

God gave us human flesh to house the spirit and mind. As stewards of His Word and members of his Body, we are all given the responsibility to spread the Gospel through our own ministry. I encourage you to perfect the gifts and talents that God has given you. We must also be driven, in our flesh, to do only that which will enhance the work of the spirit. It's my job to help competitive athletes and other active people in that endeavor.

So, interact with me, Doc Desmond, as I continue to grow my ministry and hone my craft of Sports Performance Coaching and pursuing the titles Sports Chaplain, Sports Doctor, and Sports Nutritionist.

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