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Easy Listening Stereo: Light, easy, beautiful..choral,vocal and instrumental classic and contemporary relaxing radio melodies with you on our melody preservation society station ! Easy Listening Radio Online Listening ! Easy Listening !

About easy listening stereo™

Our personal hobby broadcasting is all about the Easy Living Experience™, a format created in 1992 called the Easy Living Music Show™ It is such a wonderful feeling to enjoy the time honored traditions of instrumental quality with the added choral and vocals to surround the great melodic interludes. In fact,we believe very strongly in the goodness involved in celebrating melody. That is why our station is referred to as a "a melodic (melody) preservation station". May God Bless You ! In fact,while instrumental melodies are the heart and soul of the preservation effort,it is also true that we embrace standards and middle of the road vocal and choral music as well. After all,it is no coincidence that many of the instrumental music (cover renditions) are created with the intention of honoring the song and melody of the original chorals and vocals.We also find comfort in embracing the two types of light music.The original instrumental creations of the early 20th century and beyond,and the choral and vocal music referred to as standards and middle of the road music.We hope that you will agree,light,easy beautiful relaxing radio is worth savoring and celebrating right here on our station. Thank you.

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Light,easy,beautiful,relaxing radio™,music that makes you smile™. Enjoy a fine blend of classic and contemporary choral,vocal and instrumentals. Just like you remember and more!

Welcome to our Easy Listening Stereo™,Light,Easy,Beautiful...Relaxing Radio™

Ladies & Gentlemen,if you enjoy our programming and would like to help keep the "easy living experience™" dream alive,and enjoy listening with less interruptions,please click the button here on this station page that reads support this station. Live365.com offers a customer VIP/Preferred Membership service opportunity that offers great benefits to broadcasters in the form of cost reductions. Of course,Live365.com offers access to many fantastic and exciting V.I.P./Preferred Membership listener benefits as well.Among the favorites includes the offering of the stand-a-lone music player called Radio365 for computers,access to Reciva enabled internet radios and more. Please refer to Live365.com for terms and conditions. If you do become a Live365,com V.I.P./Preferred Member and select our station as your favorite station, it will help us immensely. Thank you so very much for your kind consideration.

A word about fine fellowship for family and friends:
We are glad to be to celebrate time spent listening with our family and friends and find comfort in this blessing of an opportunity to do so.
EASY LISTENING STEREO™: Music that makes you smile™ !

We would like to thank Starborne Productions,Surrey House Music and all of the wonderful purveyors of beautiful and easy melodic music.They are helping to keep this music alive ! Please visit their websites and amazon.com to provide patronage and show your support today.

Family and Friends: We are so very thankful for the time that we share together ! Happy 13th Easy Listening Stereo™ Anniversary!
Now on the Easy Listening Stereo™,we are celebrating 13 years of fine fellowship and 23 years of format variation creation from the heart!

The joy of an Easy Living Experience:
MELODIC PRIDE™: Melody Preservation Society™
As always,we would like to thank you,our family and friends,for being proud to tune in for great melodies!

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