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Varied selections from all of the holiday music of my life - Hopefully, an exciting stroll through the joyous and memorable musical winter holidays of your life too...

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I'm really John Schumacher (Schumacher A.B.D.S....Always Broadcasting Delightful Sounds!)and I now live in Sun City, Arizona USA. I was born and raised in Mishawaka - South Bend Indiana, graduated from the University of Notre Dame, worked with the family construction company (Schumacher-Sons, Inc.) and then, in 1978, I moved to Lebanon, Indiana (near Indianapolis) to participate in the building of a theme park to be known as "Old Indiana." I worked there until 1997 when the park closed. It was then that I made my move to Arizona. Originally, in 1953, I had started out in radio and communications at Notre Dame and continued with an FM station in South Bend (W.H.F.S. - "With High Fidelity Sounds" - a short-lived early 'good music' attempt that failed because not enough people had F.M. receivers yet!) until 1958 when I returned to the family construction business. By the beginning of 1998, I made the move to Sun City, Arizona where in addition to keeping the music playing on "Eclectic Christmas Waves" I'm also the Chief Audio Director for Recorded Recreational Reading for the Blind, Inc. There, we record books and magazines for the free 'Talking Book' program designed for people with sight challenges. That is a very rewarding endeavor and you can find out more about it at: Summing up: it's now great to be back to the radio format...and especially enjoyable with: "Eclectic Christmas Waves" - available wherever you are!

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"Eclectic Christmas Waves" is the changing collection of musical holiday memories from the overall four score years of my life. Varied it is, but I also like to think that everyone will find plenty of nostalgic (old and some new) musical enjoyment along with "between selection" bridge sounds accompanying our trek across the snowy musical beach especially at this time of the year. We do all of this for fun & nostalgia...yours and ours. And, we've included some uplifting and thoughtful poetic verses too. Finally, we have added some old time Christmas season radio programs; the ones that filled the broadcast air with happy and/or dramatic enjoyment before the over-powering dominance of television and streaming video stole away the earlier days of quaint and quality seasonal broadcast delights. So, there's much to enjoy and add joyful ambience to your end-of-year days and nights, no matter how and when you listen to Live365 and, more particularly: "Eclectic Christmas Waves." Thanks for joining, let's begin that stroll together down our very own yuletide beach... John of the Desert