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Learn how to Create Distinction to sell more and serve you customers more productively in order to grow your business...and yourself!

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Scott McKain is an internationally known authority who teaches professionals how to create distinction in sales, leadership, and deliver an “Ultimate Customer Experience®.” Author of 3 #1 business bestsellers, he's a member of the Speakers Hall of Fame.

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What does it take for YOU to stand out in today's challenging world? How do you grab the attention required to communicate YOUR message? Scott McKain has the answer! The #1 bestselling ( author of "Create Distinction" (first edition named by "Miami Herald," "Sacramento Bee" and about thirty other major newspapers as one of the "Ten Best Business Books" of the year), "ALL Business is Show Business," and "What Customers REALLY Want," provides the insight from his books and award winning speeches and seminars for you here on Live365! Learn how to grow -- personally and professionally -- and how to create the "Ultimate Customer Experience ®" to differentiate and enhance your organization with Scott McKain! (blog) (new book)