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Specializing in the famous Hammond Organ (TM) Leslie (TM) music Sound and the Great Hammond Organists that make such wonderful music in Blues, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Country & Gospel genres. Visit us at: http://www.hammondorganradio.com or our Facebook page.

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Catch us at http://www.hammondorganradio.com and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/hammondorganradio.

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You know, there is no "iffy" music out there involving a Hammond organ. Other makes like Gulbransen and Thomas were the "sirens" of the soap operas and cheesy ballpark motivators, Lowrey graced the living rooms of easy play, Twinkle Little Star and Camptown Races mastered by bub and sis after school, and, although Vox/Farfisa were two pillars of the rock temple, they were often spotted hanging around AM radio stations chewing bubblegum in their off-time. Not Hammond…, hangin’ out with jazz "cats" in the coolest clubs, keeping in rhythm while melding the black and white in the blues, getting down right funky, even playing with wild rockers in large arenas but still having the soul to make it to church each Sunday, always dignified, always shameless, always credible! This is a great station dedicated to the preservation of this noble instrument and the musicians that incorporate it into their sound. The Hammond Organ (TM) Leslie Speaker(TM) combination celebrates the wonderful sound Laurens Hammond and Donald Leslie created in their truly unique electro mechanical inventions. Please consider supporting us and our contributing musicians in our efforts to keep the tonewheels turnin'! Visit us at www.hammondorganradio.com. and/or "like" our Facebook page Hammond Organ Radio where we post everything Hammond.