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IT WAS 50 YEARS AGO TODAY !!! The MUSICAL MYSTERY TOUR is hoping to take you away ! WE HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY THE SHOW !!! And if you want to know the stories that link one to all the musics of this playlist visit our site : WWW.GETBACKRADIO.COM

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I started my DJ experience when I was 15 at the High School Radio - Radio Mocidade, in Mozambique. With 18, I went to University Radio. When I was 35, I've colaborated in the best 60's radio program in Portugal - Clube do Sgt. Pimenta, with my fellow friend since the High School Radio - Luis Arriaga. In 1988, I've colaborated with the portuguese radio in Orleans, France.

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THE BEATLES , with Sgt. Couto as your driver, will guide you in a Magical trip through your memories, with the : MUSICAL MYSTERY TOUR We will provide wonderful musical journeys to build bridges between past, present and future, linkages to different generations, different authors, composers and performers. More than 200 songs were written or recorded by The Beatles and they are the starting point for each journey with the Musical Mystery Tour, restoring the romance for radio, as someone who rediscovers and reveals an ancient maze of sounds in an intricate mesh, which over fifty years, The Beatles' music has woven for the delight of several generations. There are always bridges and tunnels that will be established in each of these musical trips. Stories, themes, songs, authors, performers and memories that follow a mysterious flurry of unlikely reasons, linking geographical locations as disparate as Liverpool to the beach of Polana in Maputo (Mozambique), Lisbon to New York, San Francisco to Madrid, San Remo to Salvador da Bahia, Sidney to Paris, London to Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg and Hamburg, however you'll never know previously how to reach the next destination, but you will be always dropped out at the starting point of each Musical Mystery Tour, but always listening a different cover of the same Beatles song, with which we had turned you in each broadcasting program, through a multitude of musical boarding gates. In the Musical Mystery Tour, The Beatles are the central argument of a musical circuit that will visit and present a tribute to thousands of other wonderful songs written and performed by other famous names or even almost unknown, through the "stories" that the time laboriously encapsulated in a random way and that a musicologist and dedicated production team has been cataloguing for over fifty years of collection and research. Each Musical Mystery Tour will always present a tribute to one or more of the great composers and performers of modern music and during each unforgettable journey we will reveal music secrets that you never imagined they had ever occured. The 5th of October of 2012, half a century has passed after THE BEATLES have released their fist single “Love Me Do”, by Parlophone in UK. Yes...Half A Century ! It was 50 years ago! This is our mission - to provide you an Incredible and Magical MUSICAL MYSTERY TOUR, turning on our site or tuning in GET BACK RADIO