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Psychedelic Shamanism - Astral Ascension - Open the Minds Eye - Collective Consciousness - The Awakening Of Mankind - Humanity's Transmutational Genesis - The Shift of the Ages - Timewave Zero - Aztec Calender - 2012 - The Divine Plan - The Golden Dawn
DJ: Shamanism
Location: Austin, TX

Created: Mar 27, 01
Updated: Sep 22, 12

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Broadcaster Comments
Psychedelic Shamanism Entheogenic Exploration/ Metaphysical Enlightenment/ Astral Ascension/ Soul Memory Recall/ Open The Mind's Eye/ Collective Consciousness/ Transcendentalism -- A perfect mix of Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Alan Parsons, Farpoint, Enigma, Eloy, Cosmic Baby, Astral Projection, Spacetime Continuum, Yes, Delerium, Shpongle, Electric Skychurch, Loop Guru, Timothy Leary, Terrence McKenna, Deepak Chopra and much more. We play a "Brainwave Synchronized Astral Ascension Medley"(theta) designed to induce trance states / higher consciousness states in the listener. Songs played are chosen for their mind-opening, barrier dissolving, consciousness expanding, enlightening words; and the underlying deep messages they carry, so you need to listen carefully, with an open mind, and thinking metaphorically. Let go of all presumptions, assumptions, stigmas, fears, and opinions. Let go of ingrained belief systems. Let go of the arrogant, tunnelvisioned, ego-self and find that "You" ARE what is left after you loose your ego-self; You ARE your Deeper Self. Once you can see past your ego-self's "filters" you can let go of the illusionary "bubble" of reality that has been mis-programmed into your mind since birth -- It just dissolves away -- Awakening you to your TRUE SELF and the WHOLE of reality -- Much like awakening from a dream. Open your Mind's Eye, and Re-Awaken to your True Inner Consciousness -- Your Spiritual Self. Re-Awaken to your innate perception of the WHOLE of TRUE PERCEIVABLE REALITY. Open your Mind's Eye. You have the capability of thought communication mind to mind -- soul to soul. Take the next step in human evolution: the evolution of consciousness and perception - It's time to make the big leap - The Awakening Dawn - The Awakening of Mankind - it's The Divine Plan - - let go of the illusionary barriers misprogrammed into the selfcentered ego-self..ReAwaken...Transcend....
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