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Pure Stoner Rock - Fu Manchu, Queens Of The Stone Age, Black Sabbath, White Stripes, Nebula, Melvins, Corrosion Of Conformity, Monster Magnet, Orange Goblin, Kyuss, Clutch, The Sword and more!!

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Kill K-Fed, Kill Britney, Kill The American Idol

Welcome Home, Welcome to Hope

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It's time to start looking forward again......
!!!!WHAT'S NEW!!!!!
March 3rd 2007
Apologies, I was back home in New York and did not have access to update this notice board, but I've been swapping songs in & out based on your votes.
The Sword - I love this fucking band!!!!! And they have usurped more track space on the playlist here at Stoner Rock Network
Ojo Rojo - Your votes SPOKE loud and I reached out to this kick-ass band from Berlin for more good stuff and they easily delivered.  Look forward to hearing more of them here.  PLEASE support this band, check out their site, go to their shows, get their CD, even buy their fucking T-Shirt....
Feb 5th 2007
Ojo Rojo - Amateur band out of Berlin, these guys sent me some of their stuff and it seriously kicks ass.  Listen to them here, check out their MySpace page, and tell them where you heard it!

WE ARE STILL GROWING!!! It proves that there are more people out there who are sick of the music today, people like me who vomit when listening to regular radio.

REMEMBER TO VOTE for the song you like/dislike, I manage the play list solely on your input!

I'm STILL looking for amateur Stoner Rock tracks....send them to us and play alongside the best bands in the world

Cause Smokin' n Trippin is all That You'll Do....,
- SabbraCadabra