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Decennial Gothica Radio
DJ: DJ Silvae
Location: PA

Created: Aug 21, 11
Updated: Apr 20, 14

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Decennial Gothica plays Gothic and symphonic metal from around the world, with a specific emphasis on the music emanating from Europe. We broadcast a high-quality sound format, and regularly add new tracks and reorganize the songs to keep the playlist fresh. Our music is epic, symphonic, heavy, and melodic, and we are proud to feature songs from obscure bands that produce great music.

ADVISORY: Please note that we DO NOT have control over the album artwork displayed on the Live365 player because we are broadcasting live from our studio servers. Because the bands we play are more unique than your average Top-40 pop station, the album artwork is often incorrect, and will display completely wrong artists.

UPDATE: February 6, 2014.
Due to listener feedback and DJ Silvae punching his head through walls, we will NOT be playing "And We Run" from the new Within Temptation album, HYDRA. OMG what were they thinking... On a side note, if our LIVE365 stream has issues again, feel free to tune into our SHOUTcast sister station which plays the same great music, 100% commercial free 100% of the time. Get the link at our website: And as usual, make sure you check our Facebook page for updates about DGR and the music news, plus funny, entertaining, or shocking pictures and videos.

Got suggestions? Complaints? Email them to us!


Silvae, the lead DJ and manager of Decennial Gothica, is a native of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, but lived as a resident worker in Italy for four years. During his sojourn in Europe, he spent time exploring the cultures of almost two dozen countries. There, he developed a diverse taste for European Gothic and symphonic metal, and amassed an international tapestry of bands and sub-genres in his music collection.
Waelrwen is assistant DJ and provides for quality control and content. She has a strong background and education in classical music which has led her to appreciate melodic and symphonic metal.
Anabiosis is assistant DJ and improves content by seeking new and little-known bands that are suitable for the playlists. Like Waelrwen she has a musical background, and pushes her artistic tendencies with gripping photography.

Thank you for listening to Decennial Gothica and please drop us a comment to let us know what you think. Do you want more female-vocalist bands? More heavy, death-vocal songs? More old songs? More new songs? PLEASE LET US KNOW!
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