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70's, 80's, 90's + newer tracks from classic groups. Big hits & hidden gems. The perfect station for the office or workplace. Playing a wide array of rock, classic rock, brit pop, power pop & alternative music. Also playing classic 60's rock tracks.

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SMALL FORMAT CHANGE. Starting on January 1st I'll be adding more great music to the playlists. Newer release music from classic artists of the 80's & 90's + certain 60's tracks from iconic groups of the 70's. Since starting this station the best feedback comment I ever got was Listening to your station is like playing a K-Tel record. I kinda like that. Those were cool albums, where you listened to rock, pop, disco, folk & novelty songs at one time. I grew up with 1970's AM that gave way to 1980's FM. The FM years for me in the early 1980's was the best radio I ever experienced. An eclectic mix of what we now call classic rock (Zeppelin, Stones, Deep Purple etc) + british alternative & new wave (Police, Clash, Cure etc). In between all this were many groups, some that had lasting power and many that simply faded away. What I hope to capture is the feeling of the time. Where the DJ had no problem playing Iron Maiden one minute and then switching to Michael Jackson the next. Being Canadian, I hold a special place for Canadian artists. The era between 1975-1990 in my opinion were the best years. Rush, BTO, Bryan Adams, Loverboy, Kim Mitchell, Honeymoon Suite, April Wine, Pursuit Of Happiness, Teaze, Red Rider, Payolas, Doug & The Slugs, Glass Tiger, Aldo Nova, Coney Hatch, Triumph, Saga, Lee Aaron + many more. My other music love is power pop. Huey Lewis, Inxs, Michael Jackson, FYC are just a few of the artists I have come to enjoy in this genre.