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Red Dirt Music and Southern Rock are my passions! I was raised in the South (South Carolina to be exact), and grew up with Charlie Daniels, Skynyrd, and the Marshall Tucker boys. As the years went by, Southern Rock had it's ups and downs...still great SR bands, old and new out there, but Red Dirt is something different - Rock, Country, Blues! You can't define it...just listen!

In "real" life, I'm a paramedic with our county emergency medical service. As you might guess, a very stressful job at it's best! THIS music has always been the way for me to relax and this station was originally intended as my personal jukebox. But people listened and cranked it up...and became loyal listeners. Many Bands and Artists send tunes for the play list - MAJOR THANKS TO ALL OF THEM !

AND...Please vote for the tunes you like(or don't like)! I check the ratings daily and the songs you like stay and the others are replaced.

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Skydawg Radio Is BACK !

Hear the History AND the Future of Southern Rock, Outlaw Country and Red Dirt Music! This is REAL Music...Not the Pop Country CRAP that's all over the airwaves and the 'Net. Can YOU handle REAL Music?? Take a LISTEN...

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Skydog's Red Dirt Radio is now SKYDAWG RADIO - New Name...New Logo...Same "Screw Nashville" Attitude ! We play Red Dirt Music, Outlaw Country & Southern Rock Music - No Pop-Country, Wanna-be Outlaws Allowed ! Rebels, Renegades & Real Outlaws Welcome!