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DIGITALLY RE-MASTERED Old Time Radio Shows. -- Another Dimension in Old Time Radio - The BEST of Old Time Radio. Highest Quality sound with low 16kbs bandwidth. So Join us, won't you? Yours Truly, The Radio Time Machine.

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Thanks For Visiting. The Radio Time Machine is designed to bring you a variety of excellent dramas and comedies from the 1920's, when radio began, until the 1960's when television took over as the prime in-home entertainment medium. Whenever possible the network commercials are included in the shows. Many of these commercials, especially the cigarette commercials are mere relics of a bygone era. We have chosen these shows as a method of transporting your mind and your soul into the past. Enjoy your stay.

We at the Radio Time Machine Digitally Remaster all of our shows. We take out most of the hissing, pops and clicks and attempt to bring the sound as close as possible to its original state. This is a time consuming process. Some shows are beyond repair, but if you hear a show on the Radio Time Machine, you can rest assured that the quality is going to be as good as it gets.

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We play only the best of old time radio shows. Right now we have been digitally remastering all of our shows. The sound quality is exceptional even on some shows that were previously too noisy to really enjoy, We offer a well rounded mix of Comedy, Mystery and Suspense. Have fun and enjoy your stay in the Radio Time Machine.

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