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Eclectic mix of BLUES!! Chill with Diva DJ Smiles. Some of the best Blues Artists around the globe 24/7/365. Discover the past, present & future;Obscure & Known Blues Artists.

About smilestir

I've been known to stir a smile or two, hence my moniker! :D Accounting & tax work are what pays the bills and the arts keep me sane, particularly my passion for music.

My greatest desire here is to give you an opportunity to delve into the world of indie music. From my experience I can say there is probably MORE talent than one coud ever imagine. The net has opened my eyes to such variety I don't know how I ever lived without it!!

Come explore with me as I continue to find hidden gems.

Due to personal circumstances I have scaled back a bit & have had less time to spend on this station. I will hopefully bring more for you in the New Year. Still many wonderful Artists to discover out there & tons of new music always.

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This station opened to the public on 6/9/01 Blue IceWater Radio(tm) dj smilestir(tm)

Since April 23, 2002

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***** CURRENT NEWS*****

After almost 6 years of serving up some of the BEST Blues Independent Artist around the globe, Blue IceWater Radio will be closing it's doors. It's my hope I have inspired you to search for this wonderful music and, most important, support these Artists by purchasing their songs either via CDs or song downloads if available.

Hopefully you have learned that there are more than just a hand full of "polished, commercialized" musicians out there. IMO many of the Artists I have played through the years are better than what any major label delivers. Perhaps it's because they play from the heart and not the pocket book. Perhaps its due to the record companies wanting to make as much as possible by investing as little as possible.

One thing I believe very strongly is that we have a second chance with internet to not allow big business to prevent us from listening to all of the music available. Its very important that we all (musicians and listeners) do our part to keep Independent Radio alive and well. Stay on top of what is happening and be a voice, write to your Senators & Congressmen so the same thing that happened to Terrestrial Radio does not happen to internet radio. Right now lobbyists for the big record companies appear to be winning (have seen many stations close through the years as costs rise), they have convinced everyone that internet is a poison for theft of music. There is a newly created Royalty fee for "Internet Stations" only that is financially orchestrated to only support the going concern of Very Large Subcritpion Service type radio. Most Artists will never see a dime of this royalty either, same as how other royalties are calculated most likely.

Musicians, I beg you to open YOUR eyes and question who will air your music if all Independent Stations disappear? No one seems to be talking about how much the internet has done for Independent Artists. I invested my time and money bc I am passionate about the music I played (just like many other broadcasters) through the years to give you a chance to hear what is out there and even today, new Artists show up at my door. Never stop seeking out this music! It's been an unbelievable journey for me, greater than ever imaginable. Thanks for enjoying the past 6 yrs with me, it's truel been a thrill to see so many of you blown away by the music I have served up to you.

Best in blues, dj smilestir(tm)


Blue IceWater Radio proudy supports Independent Artists. This is my focus! Also; BB King, Albert King, Buddy Guy, Arethan Franklin, Robert Cray & more... Remembering the past, supporting the current & discovering the future of the blues.

Swampy, Rock, Sultry, Oldies, Spiritual, Acoustic & Contemporary...they all mark the blues! Enjoy an eclectic mix of blues styles.

I've created this station for the love of the BLUES. Bringing you some of the history of the blues as well as some fabulous unknown artists I have found while perusing the net.

Have a great BLUE day,
DJ smilestir(tm)

Since April 23, 2002