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Dirt Floor Radio - Hot music that'll make you thirsty!

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I like alot of different styles and appreciate those who incorporate their musical gymnastics in the framework of a good song the best. It doesn't have to be loud and fast to kick ass .. but it can be that way too. Check out my webpage for some terrific indie artists and grab yourself a copy of their CDs.

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Dirt Floor Radio will feature many different genres of music with most of them being roots-based and guitar driven. "Purists and Blues Police" may be offended by my inclusion of Jazz, Country, Rock, etc but if I like it, I'm playing it. Enough preaching...Tune in and stay awhile. Let me know what you think.

PacificSol Records

We're strong believers in the talents and credibility of indie artists and would be happy to listen to roots-based submissions for possible airplay.

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