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Proclaiming God's Truth in The Age of Deception

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Our vision at Sound The Trumpet Ministries of Miami is to gather, mature, and equip the body of Christ, by teaching the whole counsel of God. To prepare disciples to become disciple makers; therefore sending laborers into the vineyards that we may all grow into the full stature of Christ. To establish a place where Jesus is Lord. To create an atmosphere where His voice is not only heard but also carried, to transform our cities and nations through His demonstrative power. Sound The Trumpet Ministries believes in providing a place of prayer for all nations; that will produce strong leaders to become beacons of light in the midst of darkness.

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The Church in America is facing dark and difficult days similar to the church that was at Shiloh in the Book of Samuel. But as it was then, so shall it be now, the Lord will show mercy, and reveal His truth, to a remnant of people who desire to hear His voice.