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Oldies - 50,s, 60,s and 70's Vinyl, British Invasion, Rarities, Doo Wop, Novelty, Girl Groups, Instrumentals, Lost B Sides, Easy Listening, Soul, Garage, Album Cuts, Dance Tunes - I Play 'Em All. THANKS!! For Listening To Spin Puppy Radio!!!

About Linda G

Hi, I'm Linda G. from Los Angeles, CA. I've been a record collector since I was 9 years old and currently have 20,000+ records in my collection. Growing up in Los Angeles, I remember listening to Boss Radio - KHJ. I loved KHJ!! Such great legendary DJ's such as Robert W. Morgan, The Real Don Steele, and Charlie Tuna. I loved the wide variety of music back in the 60's as well. If you were to ask me what decade of music is my favorite, it would be the 60's. Hands down! On Spin Puppy Radio, I want to share my love and passion for 60's music with you. Songs I remember hearing on KHJ and songs that you won't find on the tight playlists of today. I'll throw in some 50's and 70's tunes, plus garage, girl groups, British Invasion, surf, novelty records and lost instrumentals as well just to mix it up a bit! Hope you enjoy my station! Send me an email or give me a shout out to let me know you're listening! Thanks, Linda :)