prog/art rock music online from PROG.FM on Live365 Internet Radio
Playing the very best progressive music from a broad range of styles and artists. We feature core artists such as Marillion, Rush, Kansas, Genesis and Yes, as well as upcoming, obscure and eclectic artists from around the globe.
DJ: Epsilon Process
Location: Morris County, NJ

Created: Oct 4, 07
Updated: Apr 16, 14

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Broadcaster Comments

Welcome to PROG.FM!

Check our website for the latest news and available stream formats:

Mission Statement

PROG.FM is a non-profit Internet-based streaming radio station specializing in the promotion of artists and music in the genre of Progressive Music. PROG.FM will never seek to make any profit. Its sole purpose is to expose a global listening audience to the many flavors and nuances of the genre and the artists who create this amazing form of music.

PROG.FM does not specialize in one or few sub-genres but seeks to expose listeners to as much of the main genre as possible. We do not expect listeners to like everything we play, but rather to expose listeners to a little of everything.

"Prog" is an amazing form of music, but generally considered to be outside the mainstream of commercial music. Many people shy away from progressive music and dismiss it as bombastic and too complex. It is often termed "music for musicians" because it showcases virtuosity and musicianship. But shouldn't these qualities be true of any music?

A key point of the station is to promote the actual artists. Criticism is often cited by the RIAA and other organizations who insist that Internet radio "steals" profits from their artists (and corporate executive's wallets). These statements cannot be further from the truth, especially for progressive artists. Many artists can only afford to gain exposure through new-media forms such as web sites and free Internet radio. As a matter of fact, much of the music played on PROG.FM has been generously provided by artists themselves who want to gain such exposure.

If you hear an artist on PROG.FM that you enjoy, please purchase their music, or at least contact them and let them know you appreciate their work.
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