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fully hosted programming from starstreams.com. intelligent, chilled back ambient, dub, and exotic electronica.

About forest

i'm forest. my musical starstreams programming originated and first aired in san francisco in december of 1981 and since then my unique mix of "exotic electronica" has been heard at one time or another on over 200 mostly commercial radio stations, XM satellite radio and online places linked from my site at starstreams.com.

you can also hear starstreams music sets as a full time online AMBIENT station - at radioio.com - WHICH IS THE BEST PLACE TO LISTEN - because it is updated more frequently and has music from ten years of programs. check out our facebook page too!

i offer a refreshing, unique mid to downtempo mix of music that you won't find anywhere else when you journey to "the exotic side of radio."

thanks for checking out my fully hosted programming and be sure to try my less hosted, more music intensive streams i call THE STARSTREAMS CHANNEL, also available here. thanks again and please invite your friends to listen to the exotic side of radio - musical starstreams!

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thanks for listening.
please invite your friends to tune in!

our fully hosted programming...
mid to downtempo, intelligent ambient,
dub and mostly chilled back panoramas...
we call it exotic electronica.

some of our favorite labels:
waveform (at waveformhq.com),
guidance, ninja tune, different drummer, water music,
quango and many smaller labels from europe and the uk.

nearly two hours of programming is added every week.
you're invited to check out THE STARSTREAMS CHANNEL
also heard here in 64k - less hosting, more music intensive!
we welcome your visits at www.starstreams.com and myspace

with special thanks to:
waveform records