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Blues, Rock, Country & Pop regular playlist with sprinkling of Christmas Music this month

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Some time ago, I heard a song on the radio. Loved it! Love the sound. Unfortunately, the DJ never announced the artist nor the song title. Never heard it again, till years later. I was beginning to think I had imagined it! I could not find his CD, nor did anyone know who I was talking about. That artist? - Jack de Keyzer. . . Well, he is better known today! One of Canada's great guitarist and very talented artist also becoming known outside of our country, Canada. The point is, all it took was to hear him once! and I never forgot it....this is actually what inspired the the International Fame Radio. All it takes is to be heard by the right person, the right time, ONCE! and so, The International Fame Radio was 'launched' to give as many artists possible, an opportunity to be heard. There are a great number of locally talented musicians and bands that have been playing for years ( no one seems to know they exist) and need an opportunity to be given a chance to be 'heard'. Give those on the International Fame Radio a listen. You too might find yourself a new favourite artist!

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International Fame Radio
Broadcasting to the World on the Internet

A broadcast of the Stellar Showcase
Established to promote local & national artists to the world
with the
goal to present some of the hidden gems
known as independent artists  :-)

Founding Broadcaster (Live 365) since May 16, 01
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Eclectic - "If We Like It, We'll Play it" Blues, Rock, Pop and Country

Special Scheduled Shows on Live365

Sundays 7 pm - Blues Show "We Got The Blues"
Wednesday 7 pm - Country Show "We're Goin' Country"
NEW Saturday 7 pm
Between Easy Listening & Jazz "Jazzy Music"