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Talk sessions - Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 10:00 A.M.-12:00 Noon - Listen to recordings regularly by poets, authors, and newly recorded music artists (especially newcomers)

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Inspirational - developed through positive poetry, Christian Bible study, music (lyrical, gospel, and contemporary), and through reviews and classical or up-to-date event announcements. Call in Bible Study questions(Wednesday night, 6:00 P.M.)901-345-6644; Call in Prayer Requests Friday, Rev. Earnest Watson (10 A.M.-12 Noon); Bring Christian teen groups or individual teens for the 1st Saturday segment of "Teens Are Talking" (10 A.M. - 12:00 Noon, 1st Saturday). Let them show their DJ skills. Live performances welcome.

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Bible study questions call-in, Sunday school lesson preview, Live call-in 10:00 A.M. Wednesday 901-345-6644. Mail announcements for your church or artistic events; Would your Christian teens like to be DJ's, guest speakers, or do live performances (Christian comedy, singing, monologues/plays, etc.) during our Teens Are Talking broadcast the 1st Saturday, 10 A.M. - 12 Noon?; Got a new CD or DVD? Click "Music Promotion" at the bottom of this page. Give God the glory for our ministerial supporters: Rev. Earnest Watson (Monday-Wednesday-Friday 10 A. M. until 12 Noon),Rev. George Coleman - technologist and pastor of Prospect Hill CME in Brownsville, TN; and Rev. Jon Isom - Mt. Olive CME, Brownsville, TN; Support staff is Edwin Grider - Gifted Wonder Media Production; Rev. Madeline Coburn (St. Louis, MO), and Harold Hitchings-photographer and Video technician (Memphis); Job Openings-Commissioned Advertising Sales and 2-hr DJ, once per week, Sunday 8-10 A.M. Memphis area - Send info to, Subject: Sales/DJ; Attachments not accepted; place info in message box; or call for an appointment. Must have reliable transportation; no exceptions.