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About the Station | alpha wave bio-feedback | official radio for NOTCH festival

About take10

Radio Take10 explores music, the soundtrack for future living.

Put on your headphone and get onboard a sound journey to the future. Let me will be your pilot.

Lei (take10)

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Radio [ T a k e 1 0 ] is an online project on new media exploration. It takes 10 people around the world to run it. is out now, welcome to check it out.

1pm-2pm GMT Sat. Take X - BeUncertain: Multi-dimensional showcase of tastemakers around the world >> this week: 10 pastilles from the last season - curated by Irvic D'Olivier from Silence Radio, Belgium

latest 30 albums

Playlist: click on below links

Take1: Chilled Beats w/Fluke from Enschede-Netherlands

Take2: FreeFall w/David Bassin from San Francisco-US

Take3: Ocean Club Radio w/Gudrun Gut & Thomas Fehlmann from Berlin-Germany

Take4: Kick Jazz w/Walker from Copenhagen-Denmark

Take5: Heavy Usker w/Rob Smith from Madrid-Spain


Take7: Transcendancas w/Rui Torrinha from Porto-Portugal

Take8: Deja Vu w/Erik Vitelle from Montlucon-France

Take10: Zehnology w/Lei from Guangzhou-China

TakeX: uncertain guest