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So, back in the 80s, there was a time I actually was a DJ on a local college radio station. I also worked at a club in the area called One Step Beyond. I now finally get to live the dream of programming my own station-the 80s New Wave Way. Currently, I'm a teacher in the area, tormenting 4th graders during the day with knowledge. Recently, I got hitched and discovered there is life after marriage. And he's English too. I blame Duran Duran.

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I've put up my version of an 80s New Wave station. It is a feature on my 80s Music Connection Website. The site was started in 1997. This station started out of the website in 2003. I play the old and the new, since I'm roving the internet finding updated info on the New Wave bands. I'm trying to help the bands we all love promote their new music as much as the old. For more info on them, the tour dates, news, quizzes, mixes, and more, see my website. Remember 1983 in 2013. It will seem like you're still there.