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A potpourri of audio entertainment related to the years 1902 - 1980

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Married to Diane. Son Stephen, Chic-fil-A manager, married to Stacy. 8-year-old granddaughter Corinne, 4 yr. old grandson Brady. Daughter Amy second grade teacher married to Justin. 4 yr. old granddaughter Avery, 7 week old granddaughter Olivia. Retired Vision Specialist in local school system. Enjoy most types of music, especially 20's - early 50's, early rock and roll, theater organ, traditional sacred, classical. Collect 78's, some LP's, old movies. Additional interests include vocal and choral music, old cars, mechanical musical instruments, piano tuning and repair, and motion figures.

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20th Century Echoes Plus is a potpourri of audio entertainment from the 20th century including pops, sacred, classical, and Old Time Radio. The current schedule is as follows: 12 AM Sacred - 1 AM OTR - 2 AM Pops - 3 AM Kids - 4 AM Sacred - 5 AM OTR - 6 AM Pops - 7 AM Historical Classics 1 - 8 AM Historical Classics 2 - 9 AM Sacred - 10 AM OTR - 11 AM Pops - 12 PM Pops - 1 PM Sacred - 2 PM OTR - 3 PM Pops - 4 PM Kids - 5 PM HistoricalClassics 1 - 6 PM Historical Classics 2 - 7 PM Historical Classics 2 - 8 PM Sacred - 9 PM OTR - 10 PM Pops - 11 PM Pops NOTE: In the event of a power outage, ISP issues, computer failure, etc. the broadcast will revert to basic, which does not follow the above schedule.