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24 Hours of Video Game Music, Past and Present.

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I've played games for 33 years and have always admired their music, from the 10-second synthetic ditties of Pac-Man and Time Pilot to the extended and realistic sounding pieces of today. I gather music from every source I can get my hands on (mostly games and soundtracks I own) to form a radio station that showcases game music from all eras. Although I have not added music to the station in thirteen years, since the point when filespace was capped from 500 to 100 megabytes, the old music still holds its ground. My hope is that the people who listen to this station will remember tunes from their past, as well as be intrigued enough to try some of the classics they might have missed.

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I play an immense variety of music, new and old on every console from the NES to the PS2, and arcade games as well. I do not discriminate between systems, as at one time or another they have all have had excellent games and pieces of music. I do not broadcast live. This station was last updated in 2001 when free accounts were available; due to changes Live365 has made since that point, the tracklist cannot be changed or added to without a paid account, which I do not have and cannot afford. This is the main reason there are no tracks from any game systems released after the Playstation 2.