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Rare 60s & 70s - Rock, Blues, Folk, Psychedelic - Deep Album Cuts - Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Beatles, Byrds, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jerry Garcia, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Canned Heat, Doors, Faces!

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We made our own station because we couldn't take it anymore. Somehow, quite mysteriously really, a handful of pedestrian Top 40 tracks have come to represent "The Sixties." But anyone with a few LPs from the era knows there's much, much more. The Unstruck Sound is an attempt to rediscover what we seem to have forgotten -- the long stuff, the heady stuff, the stuff that's just too challenging for traditional radio. In other words, what made the era so special in the first place. We play a large and unwieldy collection of all sorts of 60s & 70s gems, a lot of it live, covered, or off-kilter, so you can listen again, for the first time. It's the spirit of the era, uncanned, unfiltered, under-appreciated, but as alive as ever.

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