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Celebrating events, activities, and people of the San Gabriel Valley through commerce, entertainment, and interactive media.

About Mid Valley Radio

KMVR-DB, Mid Valley News, and the Valley Communications network invites you to become a part of something a little bigger, a little better, and a whole lot more fun. Mid Valley Radio is the Voice of The San Gabriel Valley bringing listeners community based programming and platters that matter. Whether you are listening to the best in local and national sports, asian pop, or celebrating the first three decades in rock n roll, Mid Valley Radio has programming that is guaranteed to put more glide in your stride and take the glue from your shoe. The foundation and programming philosophy of Mid Valley Radio is based on community, commerce, and hospitality. Community The word "community" is derived from the Latin communitas (com, "with/together" + munus, "gift"). Community is the gift of being together. Since the advent of the Internet, the concept of community grown beyond borders or geographical limits. Folks now gather in online communities to share common interest and there is no topic of greater interest than Home. After all, a social network is nothing more than an online community where a person can share a small slice of "home" with the world. Commerce The word "commerce" is derived from Latin "commercium" meaning "trade, trafficking" and from "com" meaning "with" or "together". Commerce is usually seen as an entire economy that constitutes an environment for business. In reality, commerce+ is a microcosm of what binds our communities together. Hospitality Hospitality is the relationship between the guest and the host, including the reception, entertainment, and providing for the needs of guests, visitors, or strangers. In many places around the world, hospitality is the divine right of providing food, shelter, and making sure no harm comes to a guest while under the care of a host. Today, hospitality is rarely a matter of protection and survival, and is more associated with courtesy, showing respect for your guests, providing for their needs, and treating them as equals. Our mission is to engage our communities, promote local commerce, and provide the world an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy the hospitality of The San Gabriel Valley through entertainment and information. So please....sit back, relax, and perhaps become a fan of our digital broadcasts. If you like what you hear, please like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, and check out our website at www.MidValleyRadio.net Thank you for Listening.

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