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VIP Station -Bands ie. TESTIFY, THE FAIR SEX, PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE, SIELWOLF, DHI, GIRLS UNDER GLASS -Genres ie. Metal, Gothic, Electronic, Dance, Industrial, Ambient, Experimental, Synthpop -


Van Richter Records was formed November 1993 in San Diego California by long time loyal fans of Industrial Music . Our mission is to develop the careers of the leading Artists in the Industrial music genre. The top priority of Van Richter continues to be "quality not quantity" in our releases! Every album including the packaging is of the highest quality in the music industry. Since our formation Van Richter Records has been very selective in Artist signings. We now have a dynamic and diversified roster of seven of the leading Industrial bands - Testify, The Fair Sex, Plastic Noise Experience, Sielwolf, Death and Horror Inc., Girls Under Glass and Underwater Pilots. Our Artists cover the entire spectrum of the Industrial sub genres including Aggro, Electro, Darkwave, Noise, and Ambient. We invite you to peruse our interactive website and decide for yourself what all the buzz is about. We are here for the music first... not the money. Remember... the Van Richter moniker stands for the best in industrial music.

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