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About Volume 104

Since its creation this past January, Volume 104's foremost goal is to give our listeners great music from multiple genres from Electronic/Dance, R&B Urban, Hip Hop and much more. We want to know what’s going on with our V104 listeners, to be a relevant voice to our listeners, connect to the local scene, and be at the forefront of breaking bands on a commercial level. Volume 104 is on a mission to reflect various music tastes. Feel free to call the V104 voicemail at (201) 500-8104 to request music, give us feedback, or even submit a shoutout. Voice your support (or lack thereof) for each song played. Our goal is to present a playlist that is truly connected to an audience. Volume104 is currently working on putting together a team to go out to bridge the gap between commercial and internet radio, which is an uncommon but surprisingly obvious (and welcome) goal; commercial radio is more commercial than radio, but internet radio's sprawling niche programs can be hit or miss, depending on what you’re into. We’re trying to maintain a consistent level of what we’re doing so that people know what to expect when they tune in. So what should you expect? Hot Hits from the late 80’s all the way to now. But, unlike most stations, we will devote a portion of our playlist to ‘emerging artists.’ To be emerging you can’t have had any hits. Volume 104 has expanded by creating a podcast division featuring various topics and segments as well. Plans are to basically do an interview with artists and play what they want to play. We want bands to feel connected to Volume104 and feel like they have a home here. Listen to Volume104 at volume104.com or www.live365.com/stations/volume104 Email us to request music or give us feedback - volume104nyc@gmail.com Leave us a voicemail anytime at (201) 500-8104 for music request, feedback, and shoutouts (not all will be selected to be played on the air) If you have Yahoo Messenger, you can send us your requests too! Our screen name is Volume104. Sometimes you might hear a message about our servers are full. Take advantage of a Live365 VIP membership and listen anytime. No restrictions. Listen on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. It's not that expensive and you're helping us too. We get a bonus every time someone signs up for a VIP membership.

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