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DeskTopGrass is 7 years old now. Established in June 2001, DeskTopGrass has provided Bluegrass music 99.44 pure. Monroe, Stanley, Krauss,Blue Highway,McCoury, Skaggs.Scruggs, gospel

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Living and loving in the hills of East Tennessee. DeskTopGrass has been providing quality bluegrass 99.44% pure since June, 2001. It's our seventh birthday.


I have been very proud and satisfied maintaining, for the past 7 years, one of the top bluegrass broadcasts on Live365. I am afraid I will have to shut down the broadcast soon. The reason is purely economical. It costs me a little over $30 a month to operate DeskTopGrass. I never mentioned it before because I didn't mind the small expense. I am now back in college working toward a degree in education. With the added expenses of school, books, plus, gas and groceries, I have to look at ways to cut back. Just like you, I have to make my paycheck go as far as possible and $30 is, well $30. How you can help? Click here for the DeskTopGrass web site. To find ways to help.

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DeskTopGrass is Now Seven years old. Bluegrass 99.44 pure since June 2001. * Thanks for listening. Feel free to contact me via email,instant message or visit the web site.
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