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I am Davey Jones, HELLO! That is what the sign says anyway. This means that I am not only the D.J., But I am also Davey Jones, a little play on...whatever! I am up in the mountains of NOR CAL smack dab in the middle of the Emerald Triangle! If you didn't know, that is the United States of America's Marijuana growing capital. So the country around here is crazy. Lots of Valleys, Trees etc.. That is why after a couple of weeks of being on air we reformatted everything from 128k to 56k. Which is at the low of the FM scale. That way I am still pumping out some quality sound and you don't need a perfect signal to be able to hear "West Coast Pirate Radio" - W.C.P.R. You can hear, with the Android App, us with less than a 3G signal. Usually 1X or even 1bar will be a good enough signal to hear us loud and clear! That's is all I can stand about that sh*t. Here is a little about me: I was born in Oakland Calif. and lived in the Bay until I was in the seventh grade . At which time we moved from Marlow dr. in the Oakland, San Leandro area to a small town in Mendocino County called Potter Valley. The elementary school had the letter's missing off the front of the school building so it said POT^^^ ^ALLEY, That should give everybody an idea to what I was in store for. My parents moved my brother and I out of the Bay to "Country", to keep us out of trouble. Lol, Out of the fire in to the good OL'Boy frying pan network of the real NOR CAL! Needless to say I do Love my Ganja! Besides at my age, 52, I use it to medicate myself because of blown disc's in my back. Which causes sever IBSyndrome, If it wasn't for the Medical side of Marijuana I wouldn't be alive. It gives me an appetite, keeps me from being sick to my stomach from pills that I have to take. And keeps the pain level down to a roar. Don't worry readers I don''t live in Potter Valley anymore and I have many years (12yrs.) of a real doctors prescription. Not just a Pot Doctor that charges you $200.00 a year so you can go to a club and pay $50.00 an 1/8 for crap! So I really need the medicine. I am not saying that all the people that went to a pot doctor and paid the $200.00, don't need Marijuana for medicine. They do! Marijuana is much more safer than any drug a pharmaceutical company could produce in a pill form. That is not what this Radio Station is all about. It is about Music! Music of all kinds, But mostly it is about Hip Hop, Rock, Dub Step, West Coast Hip Hop, And a Little News. Music, music, music!

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