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Kyle Hojem Presents: Comedy and Drama of the 40's & 50's. We will take you back to the days of old when the whole family gathered around the radio and enjoyed the excitement together.

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My name is Kyle Hojem, I live in Orange County California and I am a big fan of old time radio comedies and dramas. I also have three other stations that you might like. Look under MY B'CASTERS for links to those stations, or even better, just go to WWW.kyle365.net

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My old time comedy and drama radio broadcasts include: Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, George Burns And Gracie Allen, Edgar Bergen And Charlie McCarthy, The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet, Gunsmoke, Our Miss Brooks, Duffy's Tavern, Amos 'N Andy, Dragnet and The Lone Ranger. New programs will be added weekly. Here's what's playing right now: